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Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
went to the gym today. Did some standing leg curls, leg presses, weighted calf raises and squats.

The standing leg curls were fine, I felt uncomfortable while doing the leg press with my left leg (one legged), the weighted calf raises were okay. So I did some squats without weights, felt okay but my left knee was uncomfortable (did the leg press before the squats).

I will do some squats and only 2-legged presses sunday to see how it feels. I did not have a good warmup btw.

How should I warm up before doing squats? This is really important for me.

I usually warm up my clietns for squats with, well, squat variations, but it seems too much may bother you. You are probably developing hip issues along with the left knee issue. Are you sure you should not have this checked professionally? It sounds like it. Could be a meniscus or ligamentous issue. If soomeone was to do the leg press I would much rather see single leg than 2 legs to unlock the hips.

If you continue this without seeing someone, I would look into warming up with compound core movements that include the legs, such as cable woodchoppers, medicine ball throws off the wall and full contact twists, things of that nature.
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