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Originally Posted by ABPrints
I think weighted calves should be part of one of your supersets in the main training section, not the warm up. Do you have pain when you sprint? Play basketball?

I agree with Swag that the bike is a good option, in fact in the offseason, if your knee hurts you may want to consider using the bike or (maybe) eilliptical for all conditioning purposes. I also agree with dynamic stretches to compliment the warm up, but anything can be a dynamic stretch. Also consider the movements I posted above. Youtube them if needed.

When I sprint I feel just fine and when I play basketball I almost always feel great. Yeah, I meant the weighted calf raises as a regular exercise.

I will do some dynamic stretching and bike riding before the squats then tomorrow morning, will see how that helps.

But I am also going to do some weightlifting. But I have read that I should also have a proper cool down after doing the squats. Should I do the weight lifting immediatly after the squats or should i stretch a bit after the squats as well?
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