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Default Re: May 7, Round 2, Game 3, Suns at Spurs

Originally Posted by Samie
To say the Spurs would have given the Lakers a better series than the Suns is pretty ridiculous way of thinking.
While the Suns have matchup issues defending the Lakers, the Lakers will have problems of their own defending the NBA's best shooting and highest scoring team.
Is Andrew Bynum going to be chasing Channing Frye off of the 3 pt line?
And the Suns six through 10 players are much better than the Lakers.
Haven't we learned by now to never say never.

I really think that will be key if the Suns pull are to pull it off, if RLopez gets back that makes us even stronger through those numbers. but Kobe and Pau will make it very tough no doubt.

one thing I think we will have to do without doubt is attack their PG play. much like all the Orl fans (and some experts) have been saying, our pg and back up pg (both orlando and phx) > LA. Fisher is no slouch and will probably come up with big plays.

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