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Rodney Carney
Strengths - Extreme Athleticism - Not only can he jump extrememly high but far (just barely missed dunk from 3 ft behind the free throw line in college dunk contest), but Carney can also run with any gaurd in the class. Watching him play, you can tell how his mom being a track legend has helped him on the court.
Three Point Shot- His % may never be at the top of the list, but the way Carney releases the ball from the peak of his jump, often times pulling up at full-speed, his three-point shot is one of the most difficult to challenge, much less block. And once he hits a few, the other team is in for a long night.
Defense - Held Redick to 0 points in the 2nd half in the game against Duke. Also shut down Morrison in the 2nd half to clinch a victory for Memphis. HIs long wingspan and speed will help him become one of the better perimeter defenders in the league.

Weaknesses - Strength - Although extremely atheletic, his lack of strength will prevent him from getting in the lane and to the line as often as someone like Maggette.
Clutch - Often knocked for not showing up for big games, Carney tried to rid himself of the rep by a few offensive outbursts in minor games. Most of the offense came inside the 3point line too. In big games, the decision was often left to lesser players like Washington and Williams. His D was extremely clutch; his offense needs work in the crunch.
Consistency - When his jumper's on, its on. When his game is at its peak, he can run with anyone, however, Carney seems to hit spells where he's playing but never really producing anything meaningful. He needs to grow more consistent to be a real NBA player.

Prediction - Depending on how much he works on his weaknesses, Carney can become an explosive player like Richard Jefferson or J-Rich. If they never come through, Carney can still rely on his perimeter D and 3 point shot to become a nice role-player for a team like James Posey. Rookie stats: 7/3/1.5 Career stats: 14/4/3
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