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Default Re: Which position do you think requires more experience and athleticism: RB vs LB?

Originally Posted by Just2Clutch
Well, I'm trying to find a position for myself to play. RB is a consideration, but I'm not super athletic, I'm slow, but quick, like I have the burst, but I get raped in foot races. No 6 pack either? is that a requirement you think? just for high school football?
no stop worring about a six pack unless you are just plain fat...

coaches won't give a shit about a 6 pack...all they care about is your preformance...they might judge by size at first, but if yo utell them you want to play RB and they give you a chance to see what you can do then they will help you get better if that is a good fit for you...

when you go in for try outs, they aren't gonna care about a 6 pack...they want to see what you can do on the feild...definatly NOT a requirment...

if you are big and fast they will like you...

most likely if you would be a good LB, you would also do fine at RB...
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