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Originally Posted by disco
Why it always seems that people do their mocks by copy-pasting players' names from other mocks, and then shuffle the order a bit. We all know that each year there are big surprises, and I am sure this draft will be even more difficult to predict than normally. Please, make some bold predictions and list guys who are not necessarily in every single 'expert mock'. No expert ever gets the mock right and there are always first round picks that you don't find from picks 1-40 of most mocks. When make your mock, go for a couple of surprises based on thinking yourself what the teams really need and what kind of 'drafters' they are. I have a feeling that e.g. Nets and Suns will surprise a lot of people with one of their picks in the first round.

People should make a draft of what they would do if they were the GM of every team. Because none of us have sources to NBA executives or are at workouts so you should make a draft of what you would do if you had every pick.
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