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Default Re: Should the Sixers have traded Andre Igoudala?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Would it take more than expirings and picks to get Iggy? Say Indy offered TJ Ford, Jeff Foster, Brandon Rush, and a 2011 top 3 protected 1st? Sub Dunleavy for Ford, whatever, any of the expirings (Ford, Foster, Murphy, Dunleavy). Is it Philly's, or at least their fans, opinion that to move him one of the crap deals has to go along with him?

Ed Stefanski loves Iguodala. So he wouldnt trade Iggy for expirers and picks. He's mentioned that he wouldnt make a trade just to make one or to clear space. It would to better the team. So if Iggy could bring back pieces that would be helpful to the Sixers (say a SG who can shoot while you allow Thad to be the SF of the future)? Then he'd make a trade. Gms say one thing and can do another. The way I see it? With Ed being on the hotseat he cant afford to make trades of that kind. Where you're basically lookin to clear cap space, add picks and trying to rebuild. Ed has to make moves that helps win games now as opposed to taking a hit 1 or 2 years with the promise it could get better.

As far as packaging him with a crap deal in order to move him? I'm not sure. Elton Brand would be the only crap deal left. Sammy is an expirer. Easier to move now as opposed to the past season. I dont think Philly bites on that proposed deal by you even if you sub Dunleavy who can shoot. The way Stefanski talks this team underachieved bigtime. So in his eyes they are better than what the record shows. They are a playoff contender and can win atleast 40 games. That trade even with a good HC wouldnt help the Sixers much now. Future? Possibly, but Stefanski is on a very short leash. He doesnt have 1-2 years to toy around with the roster, clear cap space, aquire picks to put a winner. Sixers been to the playoffs 2yrs in a row prior to this horrible season. Patience is thin.

I'm speaking totally on what I think the front office would do. Not as a fan what I would do. Sixers are open to trading Iggy but for the right price. Are they overvaluing him? Possibly. But rebuilding atleast at this point isnt something they are welcoming. Or this time next season we could have a new GM.

My bad about missing your note....I didnt even notice it all this time.
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