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Default Re: John Salmons future with the Bucks?

I think he hinted already he is opt'ing out , and going free agent.
Skiles as well as Hammond have stated they understand where John S.'s thoughts are.
The problem is Bucks are going to be in a match contract decision with John S. and quite frankly John S. will walk.

I just have a feeling that John is looking to move to a warmer climate and I would not doubt seeing him land like in Phx or else where with a 2 year locked in contract with a player /team option on the third.

Unless the Bucks can get rid of Gadz , Bell and Redd's contract , they won't be able to offer him much.
Salmon is an interesting player.
When you have him start , you would almost need a guy like Crawford to come in and keep the defense on their heels.
Which means it could be an option for Salmon's to head to Atlanta or even back to the Kings.

I for one would like to see him back in a Buck uni , but he needs help.
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