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Default Rough sledding eh?

I didn't want to post this in the main forum because of the troll level is so high

Chin up Cavs fans, they'll take the next two or at least go down swinging, lebron will be back to himself on thursday night.. just a total team meltdown tonight.. maybe it's a little shock that the celtics are actually this tough, maybe it's looking towards orlando, who knows could be any number of things but most likely it's a combination of alot of little things that converged on the cavs tonight...

I have watched bball for alot of years and have seen many elite teams have meltdowns for a game, the cavs are not the first to experience this and lebron is not the first mega star to go whack for a night... so who knows how it will all turn out but i'll venture to say you won't see another game like this one out of your gang

peace and good luck
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