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Default Re: Should the minimum age be 21 instead of 19?

Originally Posted by StroShow4
Hell-mother-f@cking-no! Plenty of 19 and 20 year olds are having great success in the NBA. There are going to be busts no matter what the age limit is. Legal adults who are talented enough to get paid to play basketball shouldn't essentially be forced to go get used by some college program for three years.

Plenty? where? I'm not seeing them. Is that talent sustainable? Why has the talent been diluted so badly in this league? Yes, even the worst NBA players can kick my ass, big whoop. That's like saying the Incredible Hulk beating the shit out of a midget is an accomplishment. Legal adults can purchase guns, doesn't mean that everyone should be able to.

The NBA perhaps wouldn't have players working hard to get a big contract, then virtually disappearing when getting it because they got their payday and have jack for maturity. We wouldn't have big men drafted off of potential then becoming busts, but big men who have a proven skill set being worthy of drafted.
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