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Default Re: Future of Dirk Nowitzki and Mavs now that Spurs eliminated them in round 1

Just lurking - not flaming. Raptors fan. Toronto native.

What about S&T - Dirk for Chis Bosh ?

I think there is lots of prima facie evidence that Chris wants to be in Dallas.

I presume like most internationals - Dirk wont find Toronto a downer (possibly the opposite). He will most certainly want a bump and extension salary wise and Toronto can accomidate that. Leaving Dallas and the media frenzy regarding his emotional well being is probably good for him.

Finally - playing for Cuban the active GM and Coach "not on the bench" would have to wear thin. BColangelo seems to have a good reputation and I would assume that would attract Dirk.

This does presume that Cuban will pull this trigger - but there is smoke in those rumors as well. Cuban has never hesitated to tinker.

If CB4s and his agent wants this deal - I see it very likely. A good fit cause the cap numbers, the "extras" can all be minimized with a 1 for 1 sort of deal.


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