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Default Analysis on why LeBron/Cavaliers lost to Celtics in 2010 round 2

I'm not even a Cavs fan and I'm shocked. I'd put the Cavs as 80-85% favorites to win the title this season. Honestly, if I were rich, I'd put down tons of money on the Cavs.

Biggest hurdle I thought would be the Magic and the Lakers would be an afterthought.

Matching up, I thought that with Shaq, Big Z,Jamison, Mo will, Lebron, and emerging JJ hickson and the always annoying effective Varajao that the Magic would just crumble under the weight of the King's troops. And that Dwight howard would probably be in constant foul trouble and be negated this whole series either by having to guard Shaq, chase Big Z around for jumpers, or be annoyed outta his mind by Varajao.

But now to see them absolutely play like crap and to see Mo williams not show up at all and to see how poorly mike brown coached his players I'm truly stunned. Let's not forget that this team was just cruising and I mean straight cruising through the regular season. Taking pictures, dancing, laughing, treating the game like it was nothing and just destroying teams.

And now to be beaten in the 2nd round by an old Celtics team? WWWWWWOOWWWWWWWWW.

What went wrong?

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