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Default Cavalier's 2010 Season: What Went Wrong?

1st overall seed in the NBA. Back to back 60+ win seasons. Lebron wins MVP and just puts up silly stats. Cavaliers sweeping the defending champion Lakers in embarassing fashion. The team gets Shaq and Jamison and the pieces seem to fit well as they are just destroying their competition and even bold enough to mock them by taking pictures and dancing on opposing courts. Most experts and fans alike saying that the Cavs are surely a lock to win the title this year.

And then the playoffs come. And all of a sudden, the team chemistry isn't there. Mo williams gets exposed and performed terribly. Jamison struggles to even put up double digit points. Shaq now looks old. Lebron complains of the elbow and then plays disinterested.

What went wrong here guys? I mean by the end of the season I think most people would agree that from the looks of it Cleveland had about an 80% chance to win that title. But then knocked out in the second round? What gives? H
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