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Bill Swerski
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Garnett has too many miles on him, our core is around 24-25, and will be making serious title runs in 4 years, when Shaq Retires.

Garnett will be in a walker @ that point.

Przybilla = don't get.

Draft Carney/Morrison @ #2, Saer Sene @ #16, and sign Drew Gooden.

Or, Trade the #2 for Troy Murphy + the #9, and draft Rodney Carney @ #9, Saer Sene @ #16, and Groom Gordon for a trade.

If we take one of the over-rated forwards @ #2(Thomas, Aldridge), then Hope Brewer is still available @ #16

Something like this:

pg: Kirk Hinrich/Duhon
sg: Ben Gordon/Rodney Carney, or Morrison(will play 2&3 in NBA)
sf: Andres Nocioni/Luol Deng
pf:Troy Murphy/Songalia/ or Aldridge/Thomas(if stupid)
C: Tyson Chandler/ Saer Sene

Another option given by GS is the #2 pick & Tyson Chandler, for Troy Murphy, Michael Pietrus, and the #9
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