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Default Re: what type of offense do you run in a pick up game?

Originally Posted by devin112
you guys out there don't like screens or think it's strange? you guys must enjoy watching and1 mixtapes more then NBA games then. screens happen multiple times every possession. it's as fundamental as it gets. basketball is a team sport designed that way.

so what do you guys do out there, just stand around on the court and watch each other go one on one all day? now that's strange.
totally agree, just saying that's what happens. And yes that is because a lotta guys only wanna play the and1 mixtape style. I just remembered that way back, like 92/93 somewhere you had the Reebok Blacktop (!yes i'm old) series, where they would come to your town and set up some courts and have a tournament 3on3 on a half court. It was in the rules that you couldn't play zone (halfcourt 3on3!?) and I believe I got called for setting a pick.

On the other hand, you can play mad sophisticated ball without setting any screens, you don't have to "stand around and watch eachother go 1on1 all day" although that does happen when playing with some 2pac wannabe's who never heard of traveling
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