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Default Re: Breaking News: Mike Woodson gone

For those of you who didn't know, Mike Woodson was hands down the worst coach in the league. He did not practice offense, saying that 'it will come on it's own'. The iso strategy actually worked in the regular season, because the Hawks have nearly as much talent as any team in the league across the board. Sadly, that strategy clearly does not work in the playoffs when games slow down, fast break points become hard to come by, and coaching takes a front seat.

His lack of coaching talent was amplified by the fact that he had continuous problems with our players, especially Josh Smith. He could not motivate our players and usually could not even get them to listen to him (not that he ever had anything important to say).

Under Woodson the Hawks continuously blew leads, didn't show up mentally to games, and had lapses in concentration and intensity that often lasted for entire quarters.

I know that we won't have Joe Johnson next year so our lineup will look pretty different, but everything else aside I think replacing Woodson with a good coach will add 5-7 wins at least. It's hard to say though, because many players on our team, (Horford, Smith, Williams) have never even played under a legitimate system offense. We all may be very very surprised at the results if these players fit in well to whatever coaching scheme the Hawks end up with.

Overall this news is not a surprise at all, Rick Sund did not hire Woodson and has been waiting for just this opportunity to get rid of his dumb ass. Sund is smart, and I have a lot of faith in whatever decision he makes.

It is a good day for Hawks fans and the entire franchise
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