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Default Re: Breaking News: Mike Woodson gone

Originally Posted by bdreason
This is actually good for Woodson. He's getting out before the ship sinks.

I don't know what you have against the Hawks but I think you are an idiot. You probably predicted us to win 40 games last year and had to wait all season until our disappointing playoffs so you could start predicting us to miss the playoffs again.

Also, to anyone defending Woodson, you don't know anything about the Hawks and are looking only at his win increase, which is due to the maturation of our young and talented roster.

The Hawks will win 50+ again next season; we will have a top 3 front court in the league, we have over 20 million dollars this offseason, and we are going to get a competent coach. I realize it is too early but I will make an avatar bet with anyone that we win 50+ next year.
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