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Default Re: Hawks officially say goodbye to Mike Woodson

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Woodson isn't a very good coach, but I love how every fanbase that's dissatisfied with their coach without fail calls him the "worst coach in the league."

Woodson really was the worst coach in the league. I know that Cavs fans and Heat fans say that they have the worst coach, but Woodson really, truly is (was) the worst one of all.

I'm going to throw in a quote here because I just hate Woodson.

ďIím a defensive guy and I think offense takes care of itself. We will figure out the offense, but I just came off a championship season with a team that played defense. And defense proved this year that it can win a championship. Most championship teams that Iíve seen, over the course of my playing and coaching, they play defense."

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