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Default Re: So what happens now ?

I wish there was a way to move Mo. I'm tired of him. When he doesn't get 15-20 PPG (something that rarely ever happens in any sort of pressurized situation), he's useless for us. It really struck me how much of a prima donna group we have become, and he's a big face of that.

I'm really bummed that Z (in all likelihood) Has to go out this way. Regardless, he's secured his place as a Cleveland legend.

Hopefully, JJ Hickson works hard this Summer, and continues to improve leaps/bounds. Despite the uncertainty next year, I think he is someone to keep an eye on, and that can give us hope.

Jamison will hold steady. We know what we will get out of him, for better/worse.

As for LeBron.....I've been saying all year that there is no way he leaves this team, but I'm not so sure anymore.
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