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The Live and 2k covers don't have stigmas. In fact, they've been great signs over the past few years. The curses you guys speak of are the Madden curse and the S.I. curse. Look at the recent covers...

Live 06 - Wade (Finals win)

NBA2k6 - Shaq (Finals win)

Live 05 - Carmello (21/6/3 season, playoff appearance)

- Ben Wallace (Finals appearance)

Live 04 - Vince Carter (23/5/5 season in 73 games...only played 43 the year before)

*NBA2k4 - Technically never came out. Was titled "ESPN Basketball". (Interestingly, Iverson was on the cover and had an injury plagued season.)

Live 03 - Kidd (Finals appearance)

- Iverson (28/4/6 season...82 games played...48 wins & Conference semifinals)
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