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Default Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

We'll do the other draft game too that InspiredLebowski has become a master at, but this one we did last year. This game was actually set up by Maniak so I'll PM him to see if he has interest in doing it this year. Once the order has been set, we'll start to vote on who should be picked #1. When that vote has been set we'll move on to a vote for #2. You can base your picks on team need, best player available, players you believe can't be passed on, etc. Here's examples from when we did it last year:

Originial thread (#1 pick)
#6 pick thread
#10 pick thread
ROFL at this guy picking Maynor

So you see how it goes. We'll wait until the draft lottery to start but wanted to get people aware.
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