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Default Re: Analysis on why LeBron/Cavaliers lost to Celtics in 2010 round 2

forgot to come on and say congrats to the C's so: CONGRATS TO THE C'S

we had weapons-a-plenty this year and Mike Brown couldnt get it done. If LeBron had showed up in Game 5, maybe there would have been a Game but at one point the Coach has to be accountable for something, and in this series he just didnt get it done.

He's been outcoached (1, 2, 3..) 4 years in a row now. Time to throw the dueces and find another guy to take control of the ship.

Mike Brown is a GREAT defensive coach. But for every defensive wrinkle in his brain there's 1 less offensive wrinkle......that pretty much sums up Mike "Patato-Head" Brown
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