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Default Re: Analysis on why LeBron/Cavaliers lost to Celtics in 2010 round 2

I, too, owe a public apology to the Celts. I thought age would be a huge factor this time of year and stated so many times on here. Some keys:
1) Garnett is a different player right now than he was the entire year
2) Rondo has another year under his belt
3) Ray Allen can flat out shoot

The Celts were the better team this series -- including talent. They deserved to win. As far as blaming Mike Brown? Please. What a crack up to think that he had that much talent. Who can score off the bench for us? Whom do you know our team - like Boston and Orlando have - that will knock down every open jumper?

Our offense is terrible, but when a man can get an NBA team to play defense that well, he knows his stuff. On top of that, he has worked with the best. He may not be our coach next year, but he owes nobody an apology. He's a hell of a coach.

Cavs fans - which I am huge one - were idiots again on here this year. I begged us to sit back and just enjoy. We didn't...we talked...we wrote...we put down other teams. Celts fans - you were quiet all year, but man should you be happy now. I hate the Celts worse than almost anyone, so I cannot say good luck. However, I can say congratulations.
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