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Default Re: Analysis on why LeBron/Cavaliers lost to Celtics in 2010 round 2

Speaking as a Cavs fan and being from the area, this entire state is so disappointed. It happens EVERYTIME we have a good team. The 95 and 97 Indians. The Cavs the last 4 seasons. We kick ass during the season and crumble during the playoffs. Its very frustrating. Nobody at all thought Boston had a chance in Hell. Everyone thought they were washed up and Orlando would be the only true series. Its no doubt, Boston is not washed up. Injuries during the season caused them to be the #4 seed because if you remember, they were undefeated for a while at the beginning and looking like the top contender. Its probably over now. This "awesome" team we thought Ferry and Gilbert had put together. LBJ will leave, Shaq aint coming back. I am betting with Mo's post season disaster for the 2nd year in a row he is trade bait and possibly West with the recent rumors. Dan Gilbert said he is going to evaluate the team. No doubt in my mind even if LeBron does leave, Gilbert will give us a good team next year. And if LeBron leaves and could not do it here, who is to stay he can do it somewhere else?
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