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Default Rugby star may sign with NFL

OK, I have no idea if this guy is really a "star" but that's how I saw him described. I know I'm not the only one annoyed by the media's loose definition of that word. Anyway;

GREG Inglis has received an invitation to trial with NFL clubs Buffalo and Denver as nine rugby league clubs target the Melbourne Storm champ.

As investigators continue their probe into Storm's $1.7 million salary cap breach, the Sunday Herald Sun can reveal the hunt for Inglis's signature has gone offshore.

Up to four American gridiron clubs want to trial the bustling Australian Test centre at three-day camps in September.

The guy's about 6'5/240, plays centre in rugby. I've read that position could sort of be interpreted as a fullback/h-back type NFL position, but 6'5 seems way too damn tall to play that. Maybe a TE or LB?

I just hope he makes it so we can see endless football vs rugby toughness debates.

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