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Default Re: Rugby star may sign with NFL

Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
i dnt know jack shit about rugby but american football seems like its a lot more complicated. (i wont go right out and say that it is because i dont really know but im about 99% sure)

He going to have a hell of a lot to learn, in terms of gaps, blitz packages, different schemes, assignments. if you dnt know your assignments you will get ZERO run in football. he must have some prior knowledge of the game if NFL teams are looking at him..
I don't know about the amount of gameplanning and everything in rugby, but it doesn't really matter, he still I assume knows nothing about actually playing football. It'd be like me trying to join the high school's soccer team. Physically I'm better than most, at least on par, but I don't know shit but put the ball in the net.

The guy's only 23 though, still a steep learning curve, but plenty of time to develop. Football isn't exactly rocket science.
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