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Default What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

NFC East

QB- D. McNabb
RB- F. Jones/B. Jacobs
FB- L. Weaver
WR- D. Jackson
WR- M. Austin
WR- S. Smith
TE- J. Witten
OT- J. Peters
OT- Diehl
OG- C. Snee
OG- L. Davis
C- S. O'Hara

DE- J. Tuck
DE- T. Cole
DT A. Haynesworth
DT- J. Ratliff
OLB- D. Ware
OLB- B. Orakpo
MLB- L. Fletcher
CB- A. Samuel
CB- M. Jenkins
S- A. Rolle
S- Q. Mikell
I really wanted to make a thread on who has the best "All-Divison Team" but didn't want to take the time to go through each I was hoping you guys would do it for your team's division. then we'll compare. Pick 2 RB's. You can use a 3-4 defense too.
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