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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

NFC East:

QB: D. McNAbb
HB: C. Portis/F. Jones/ A. Bradshaw
FB: L. Weaver
TE: J Witten/ C Cooley
WR: D Jackson, D Bryant (jus wait ), M Austin, S Moss, D Thomas

I agree with Pos' entire O-line


DT: J. Ratliff, A PAINSworth
DE: J Tuck, B Orakpo

MLB: London Fletcher(perhaps mos underrated player this decade )

OLB: D. Ware (playing a hybrid role w/ much variety-still pass ruaher though), E Sims

CB: A. Samuel (INT's), C Rogers ( bad season but still great in run support and press), M Jenkins (rising), D Hall (nose for the ball)

FS: Antrel Rolle
SS: Laron Landry
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