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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

Reasoning for Favors could be athletic big men are more of a commodity than guards like Evan Turner. If you can get your hands on talented bigs its best you grab them while you can. You never have enough and really lookin at the Sixers? Who can you say are talented bigs. Speights and. Dalembert last year of deal. Brand is what he is. Favors has things Brand lacks at this point in his career. Athleticism. His athletic ability is perfect for the NBA. As a rookie all he needs to do is dunk, ally oop, put backs, hustle buckets, rebound and he's not a bad defender. He can get out on the break and run with a team.

As far as Jrue, he runs the team better than what the Sixers have currently which isnt much. Also the best on ball defender and outside of Kapono the best shooter the Sixers have to offer from downtown. He still needs to develop as a PG. But one thing he brings is toughness and defense if nothing else. I like him starting, going thru growing pains and earning stripes. If Sixers cant get Chris Paul caliber PGs, I say ride with Jrue and hopefully your next coaching hire he can develop.

Evan Turner is my pick for the Sixers
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