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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

My vote is for Turner at #2.

You're getting a guythat could be an immediate 18/5/5 or better guy in his first year. Hard to pass that up at #2. I think Philly needs a lot more backcourt help than frontcourt. They've got Brand (who is turning to garbage, but still), Dalembert, and Speights. In fact, Philly's biggest hole is probably at SG. Turner fills that void, and he can also play SF and spot minutes at PG. Cousins for Favors here wouldn't be a terrible pick, but I don't see how a team with a need for a good off-guard/wing can pass on Turner.

Like Posterize said, this probably puts Iggy on the trade block, but if not, then they can put him at SF. I'm intrigued by Young, though, and would like to see how he develops as a player in a bigger role. Young has good size, length, and great athleticism. Phillly still can't really solve their shooting woes. Turner is a good shooter but I'm not sure if he has the range to be consistently good from NBA three-point range.

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