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Default Adjustments Magic have to make going into game 3 vs Celtics

Honestly, I think theres about a 99% chance this series is over. So much for an entertaining conference final. But just for sh1ts and giggles, lets see what types of adjustments or changes you would do if SVG got fired or just quit out of frustration and you now had to coach the Magic back from a 0-2 hole.

Personally, I'd use the personnel differently. I never liked SVG's use of Rashard Lewis at the 4. He's a horrible rebounder and low post defender at the PF spot. And oh btw, he's been making Mo Williams look good this series. He can't really defend KG, can't make a three, and just looks completely lost on offense.

I'd take him to the bench. switch in Gortat at the 4. Having lewis at the 4 puts too much pressure on Dhow to serve as both a C and PF since he really doesn't get help down low.

Or maybe, I'd try and experiment with Howard, Gortat, VC, Rashard, Nelson.
Because I think playing against a less physical Ray Allen may just do him wonders. I'd bench Matt Barnes too since his back is definitely affecting him.

Problem is Boston has tons of counters because their personell is just better.
The rondo-KG pick and roll is seriously deadly against Dwight howard if boston keeps using it. Howard can't cover rondo and kg both and nelson is easily picked off and rendered useless.
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