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Default Re: Adjustments Magic have to make going into game 3 vs Celtics

i say get nelson out of the game. hes a horrible point guard. hes not pass first, which is what the magic need. case in point, end of the game, carter wide open to his right, lewis with a look at the basket to the left, and instead he shoots it. ive seen him fail to throw passes out of the pick and role to open shooters, or just fail to give howard the ball when he needs it. run this lineup: howard, bass/gortat, lewis at 3, VC, williams. rotate barnes, nelson (on 6th man duties), and reddick into that lineup. as much as i love pietrus, hes played like crap.

the one problem with bass though, is that he tends to be a black hole with the ball. he shoots it 95% of the time. if hes doing that bench him, and get gortat in there.

and god damnit howard needs to GO STRAIGHT UP WITH THE BALL. he's always bringing it down to gather and go up strong to dunk, but that gives his defenders a chance to 1) recover, 2) swipe at the ball, 3) foul him. id argue he had a high scoring game more because he was making his free throws then actual fg attempts.
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