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Default Re: Adjustments Magic have to make going into game 3 vs Celtics

Start Gortat at PF, he was huge off the bench, and could play alongside Dwight nicely.

Give more time for Reddick, outside one dumbheaded play in the last game, he was their best player after Howard. Deadly shooter, hustle guy (one possession he got like 3(!) offensive rebounds).

Start Lewis at SF off the bench, at least he could shoot over Pierce, Lewis has no chance vs Garnett.

Move the ball more, look at what Celtics are doing - few extra passes leads to wide open looks, while Magic more often than not had to hit difficult shots. They actually do this from time to time, but they need always play like this, not several times per game only.

Just these changes would make Magic much more competitive, and maybe even tip the scales to their side, lets see how SVG adjusts.
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