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Default Re: Adjustments Magic have to make going into game 3 vs Celtics

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
If Vince made both his free throws and jj called a timeout correctly, the magic would undoubtably win that game... but w/e time for game 3.

But for game 3 these are the things that need to happen.
1. don't give dwight the ball in the post...everyone has said it..the magic WILL not win like that
2.rashard needs to score or sit.
3.jameer needs to be an actual pg and make some plays.

If the magic do that they give themselves another chance to win..i mean they have been playing poorly and had 2 great chances to win these last two games...celtics just got a little bit lucky

I couldnt agree more...

I would probably start Gortat and Williams,,, bring nelson and rashard off the bench
Rashard has been fkn terrible, has he forgotten how to shoot???

If they're not doubling dwight definitely stop feeding him in the post, and maybe give BRANDON BASS some minutes!!!!! The guy is a hustler, is money from 12 to 15 ft and loves to dunk
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