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Default Re: Adjustments Magic have to make going into game 3 vs Celtics

I'm not too keen on figuring out how to beat the team I'm supporting this postseason...but I'll go. This will be longing.

People really want to hop on Rashard Lewis' lack of offense right now, but ya'll need to remember that he's being defended by a healthy, hungry, championship-obsessed Kevin Garnett. That's not sucky Antawn Jamison defending him in the post anymore. The only way this guy is going to get the open 3's he needs to put the big points up against this Celtics team is on offensive rebounds and rare KG defensive lapses. Otherwise, the best thing he can contribute is to continue to limit KG's offense.

Vince. He choked last night...every NBA player with a big name has to suffer through this at some point, unfortunately. I doubt he's going to do that again this series. However, the pouting...the towel throwing...the pointing and shaking his head...this guy is a playoff veteran who should be bringing leadership and poise to his teammates and he's acting like a whiny kid right now. That's going to hurt you more over the next two games if he can't square it away. Man up, Vince.

Howard...I said on this board that the Magic were going to do everything but move the f*cking moon to win this game. This was the only guy who seemed to adjust his game to try and do just that. What an offensive explosion for him...he still wasn't getting his favorite spots, but he was putting big shots in for them. Also...he took a f*cking beating last night with the fouls....but he got up there and made a good percentage of his free throws. And he's still the defensive anchor out there. Unfortunately, he might have to score 30 a night from this point forward if the Celtics D keeps playing like this.

Nelson seems lost when he gets to the middle and doesn't have a guy wide open waiting to shoot a three.

You guys need more Jason Williams, Marcin Gortat and JJ Redick...if the starters aren't getting it done. Yeah Redick bone-headed in a huge moment last happens. Forgive the guy because he's currently your best defensive option to keep Ray Allen as non-existent as he's been so far this series. You don't want Ray waking up if you're an Orlando really don't.

Being down 2-0 going on the road is a hard place to be, but the Magic have won 4 games on the road already these playoffs. I hope to Christ my Celtics keep the intensity up because there's no other way to beat this team on Saturday. They're not going to quit on their season, so neither should we.
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