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Originally Posted by anadgnik
Hey, 420 is on to something. We don't NEED a 1 or 5; all we gotta do is find another Mike and Pip, and then sign a Horace Grant type and a lanky do-it-all euro fella, annnd maybe a Steve Kerr or Craig Hodges and one of the best rebounders of all time? OOOOH, and a coach with a cool nickname like zen-master.

Center? PFF! Who needs a center?!

We'll just re-make the bulls. Brilliant!

Sure, you can win without a great center or point, but only if you have other great players to supplant their numbers/skill set. Ultimately, the Raptors are pretty weak everywhere, the 4 spot excepted. So errybody is right: The raps are missing several somethings at several positions. BC will need to accumulate much more than a decent center and point guard, and the process will take a few years.

But we've got a good start; it should be fun to watch.

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