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I've come to learn that playing AAU is almsot a neccessity when it comes to getting recruited. Unless you are just a can't miss physical specimen. There was a guy on our high school team that didn't play AAU. He was (in most people's opinion) the best player in the state that year, but the biggest offers he was getting was some mid-major D1's. I mean this was a 6'4" PG/SG who was a lights out shooter and a good rebounding guard. We even won state our senior year (in the 2nd biggest classification in the state) and he won state tourney MVP. Still wasn't getting the offers from bigger D1's.

He never played a day of AAU ball in his life. I mean he worked on his game religiously in the summer, but college coaches are going to notice you when you're in your empty high school gym at 9 a.m. running sprints and shooting 1,000 jumpers. He still ended up playing college ball but nowhere near the level he should've been.
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