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Default Re: Rockets trying to get the 3rd or 4th pic?

3rd of 4th huh... gut feeling tells me its Demarcus Cousinz. From what Iv been hearing, he's supposed to be the next good center to come into the league, but its weird how he's projected to be around the 5th pick. Usually a center of his hype would be 1 or 2. A huge concern i notice about his kid though is his explosiveness and work ethic

We all know John Wall is gone at 1. Everybody is saying Evan turner at 2 and rightfully so, he seems to be the 2nd best talent in this draft after Wall and if we trade up that's really the only player i might take a gamble on. doubt he falls at 3 or 4 though.

i don't know, its supposed to be a deep draft so we'll just have to see what the rockets do with this lottery pick. i think we end up trading it.
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