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Default Re: Future of Dirk Nowitzki and Mavs now that Spurs eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by paperstreet
I see very little chance of this happening. Dirk has said he wants to win, and TOR couldn't even make the playoffs last year.

I get that.

I guess my poorly worded question somehow left out the strong inference that Mark C would 'pull the tirgger' and push for the deal; seeing Bosh as at the least "equally tallented" and younger.

Toronto's nucleus on paper isnt downright bad; though they under performed and team play was poor. Especially defensively. Dirk's hesitaton no dount would be sincere. Would Dirk play on a team with Hedo Turkaglo, Jose Calderon, Andreas Bargani? (Turkish, Spanish, Italian nationals respectively).
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