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Default Re: 76ers will get the #1 overall pick today

Originally Posted by KG215
Are you really that upset, though? Isn't Evan Turner a great fit in Philly? Sure, Wall seems to be one of those rare talents, but Holiday is a very solid young PG with a lot of upside, and Turner gives them a great option at SG. If they keep Iggy then Philly will have a very solid frontcourt. It does suck that they have Brand's contract on their books, though.

LOL im a nets fan thats y i said he jinxed us cause when i was watching the draft for a minute i really thought u guys were goin to get the #1 pick, only cause this guy had it in my head and the forces were in favor of that...

if he didnt write that, yall would have probably not have gone so high but watever congratulations...
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