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The Jazz want to re-sign Wesley Matthews, but his free agent situation is a unique one.

Matthews signed a one-year contract as an undrafted free agent prior to the 2009-10 season and went on to start more than half of the team's games.

He will be a restricted free agent this summer and the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement is structured so that teams can re-sign their own players even if they are over the salary cap.

However, Matthews has only played one season with the Jazz and therefore doesn't qualify for Bird rights, which allows a team to retain any free agents if they so choose.
Utah is likely to look to two options with Matthews.
They'll most likely use a majority of the midlevel exception ($5.8 million) to re-sign him.

"The Jazz could sign Matthews to a five-year deal worth as much $34 million should they offer their full midlevel exception over the maximum number of years," writes the Salt Lake Tribune.

They could also use their bi-annual exception, but that would only pay Matthews $4.3 million over two seasons.

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So all this depth that they talked about when they gave away Brewer could be down to just CJ by next summer if not this one. Typical Jazz bull. Keep Okur, Price and possibly Boozer around while losing Matthews. LOL!

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