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Default Re: Foot Tendonitis, help...

It started about 8 months ago last October... but that was only mild soreness after I did my plyo/leg workouts. It got bad enough to where I had to rest in December... and I rested for a about 3 weeks and it mostly went away. I was resting a lot though hardly doing anything because I had hamstring problems too. About 2 months ago hamstrings started feeling much better so started playing bball again with my knee brace. I played a few games of 2 on 2 and the pain came back... then I played like 5 games of 5 on 5 2 weeks in a row and then it was in full swing. It's been terrible for the last 2 months... I can feel it when I am sitting not doing anything.. it's not painful like my hamstring injuries, but it's uncomfortable and my knee feels weird.

I'm guessing it's going to take me another 5 or 6 months to get it recovered... I am only lifting weights now (with stationary dribbling drills a couple times a week to keep my handle up and very light shooting). My days of playing games though are over for a while... sucks balls and I can't fcking stand it, but whatever that's life.

Yea it's obviously better to just let things heal rather than mask the pain. Really sucks that you had it in both tho jeez... having it in one is bad enough. I just hope I can be like you and get back to playing.

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