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Default Draft Combine Measurements

Some things that caught my eye.

Larry Sanders: 6'9.25" w/o shoes 7' 5.75" wingspan

DeMarcus Cousin: 6'9.75" w/o shoes 7' 5.75" wingspan

Cole Aldrich: 6'9" w/o shoes 6'10.75" with shoes
Thought he would be a legit 6'10" without shoes. However, whatever shoes he wore added almost 2 inches.

Paul George: 6'8.75" with shoes. Some talk of him being able to play SG as well as SF, and at almost 6'9" he'll have great size.

Evan Turner: 6'7" in shoes 6'8" wingspan. I thought he would be much longer than that.

Xavier Henry: 6'6.5" in shoes 6'11.2.5" wingspan

John Scheyer: 6'4.75 w/o shoes 6'6" with shoes 6'3.25" wingspan

Marquis Blakely: 6'4.75" 7'1" wingspan

John Wall: 6'2.75" w/o shoes 6'9.25" wingspan

Eric Bledsoe: 6'0.25" w/o shoes 6'7.5" wingspan

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