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Default Re: Draft Combine Measurements

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Ed Davis needs to get some new sneaks. Only ones out of those that surprised me are Aldrich and damn Blakely is a freak.

Deshawn Sims isn't even 6'7"?

Stanley Robinson was listed 6'9" and he's only 6'6.5 barefoot.

Ed Davis only measuring 0.75 inches taller in shoes is weird. Guess he had on some flip flops or something. When we did our official measurements my 1st and only year of college ball I was 6'3.75" barefoot but 6'5.5" in shoes. Most people get 1.5-2 inches added onto their height in shoes.

Stanley Robinson being 2+ inches shorter than his listed height kind of surprised me. As long as he is I figured he was at least a legit 6'8".

And the 6'4" height but 7'1" wingspan is sick.

And wasn't Sims listed at 6'8" at Michigan?

Seeing guys 1-2 inches shorter (barefoot) than their listed heights in college it doesn't really surprise me. But Cole Aldrich only being 6'9" w/o shoes is very surprising. I mean he's not even one of those guys you watch on TV and think he might not be nearly as tall as his listed height. You see him on TV and believe he's really 6'11" or 7'. Wonder what his shoes at Kansas had to do it.

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