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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Well this hits stores Sunday. The first one was great, especially along side some chronic. I wasn't gonna make a thread but IGN and Gamespot gave it a 10.0! Very exciting. Not sure if I'll rent, or go pick it up Sunday. Maybe if some place has a deal I'll snatch it up now that school is over.

How you going to get a job if you can't pass a drug test?

Back to the topic. I originally sold my first Wii after me and my ex split, but now I have another Wii. When 'New' Super Mario Brothers was released I simply had to own and experience the newest 2-D side-scrolling adventure. I also wanted to have more of a social gaming option and I'm not a huge fan of GH/RB.

I did have SMG, and from what I can recall it was good. I'll probably get SMG again once the price drops to either $30 or $20, and instead of getting SMG 2 now, wait until that price drops (and yes I realize it'll be at least a couple years before that happens).

New Super Mario Brothers > anything on the Wii, including Twilight Princess, etc.
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