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Default Re: Rockets trying to get the 3rd or 4th pic?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Its motiejunas- he will be a top 5 pick- he should be a top 2 pick- these experts are way off right now and the real decision makers aren't going to tip their hands on who they're going after- so as long as everybody believes it they'll keep saying turner is #2- there will be a lot of teams going after motiejunas- he could be a great fit for the rockets- alongside yao would be tough to defend

oh no i hope not. im sorry but i am quite biased againts these european players. i dont understand why so many teams take such a high draft pick and gamble on potential. all this hype about potential but lack performance. The european 7 footer are all the same, they can shoot the 3 but they can't post up, can't rebound at all, can't defend at all, and are weak. the dirk nowitzki type. i don't know, maybe with yao it would be a good fit but i just don't understand the infatuation with the nowitzki and bargnani types.
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