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Default Re: rockets by position

Yao Ming - 2nd best center behind Dwight Howard (hard to put DH as the #1 center in the league after that 7,7 game 3 performance but its the truth)


what makes the PF position so tough to rank is the fact that it is such a versatile position ranging from the post PF that could slide to the C and the wing capable PF that could slide to the SF and the fact that there are SF such as Rashard Lewis that plays PF for Orlando. but here i tried.

Pau Gasol
Amare Stoudemire
Dirk Nowitzki
Tim Duncan
Carlos Boozer
Antwan Jamison
LaMarcus Aldrige
David West
Zach Randolph
Rashard Lewis
Josh Smith
Luis Scola
Carl Landry
Kenyon Martin
Al Harrington
Troy Murphy

I hope im not missing anybody but i would ranks scola somewhere in the top 15 PF in the league. its a little tough to rank him. houston fans know how skilled scola is but to the rest of the nba fans they might just view him as a more skilled anderson verajao...

Chris Paul
Deron Williams
Rajon Rondo
Steve Nash
Derrick Rose
Chauncey Billups
Russell Westbrook
Tony Parker
Baron Davis
Aaron Brooks
Jason Kidd
Devin Harris
Mo Williams
Tyreke Evans
Stephen Curry
Brandon Jennings
Jameer Nelson

I think Aaron Brooks falls somewhere between the top 10-12 point guards in the league. point guards again are a little hard to rank. what do you consider is better the pass first point guard, theres also the scoring point guards, the combo guards, and all around point guards... but i would think brooks 3 point shooting and scoring ability puts him in the top 1/3 of the league.

* notice i dont have Arenas in either PG or SG categories. explanation.... ehh?
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