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Thumbs up Re: Official Philippines National Team Thread (Smart Gilas)

What I Hate Bout' The Philippines is , They Can't Play there own players.
Like , They Need To Recruit Someone From The U.S. To Dominate The Game.
David Noel - 6'6 - Former Player Of Milwaukee Bucks, Position SF.
And Now.
Whatever Team He's Playing On , Ginebra?
When I Went Back to The Philippines for vacation and 1st time I Saw him In PBA , I was Like WTF?

Why Can't Be Philippines be Philippines? Be Proud Of there Own Players!
And Plus , They Use The Same Court All The Time!
So You Cant Really Tell Who's Home-Court it is.

I mean , With all that technology now , they can buy there own stadium?
PBA Needs To Be Strict bout that..

I Know What You all gonna say bout this.. They aint rich like the NBA , They Can be If They Start Doing Whats right. See what im sayin?

Its Pathetic.

No Offense to all filipino's. But This Could be a message to the PBA and the President.
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