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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
level 12! so is it pretty easy/quick to rank up?
or have you really just not put it down yet

Its pretty easy to rank up in multiplayer. The best way to get xp is either clear gang hide outs in free roam or play free for all matches.
Originally Posted by GOBB
Anyone tried the Most Wanted thing yet? Kill some innocent people then sherriffs. After you hit $1,000 you are wanted. Game announces it to the entire public free roam. So they can come collect the money on your head or not. But if you stay alive under your Wanted level for 10mins then escape alive (losing your Wanted level, basically escaping the red circle radius to freedom) you unlock an achievement. I've come close twice playing by myself until some dbags from a posse takes me down. And I came close in a posse but somehow it glitches us all out of our camping spot and reset everything. Weird.

I tried that last night. Me and my posse held down the top floor of the saloon in armadillo. I ended up getting my bounty up to like 2.3k before i died. One of my friends was at 5k when we finally got rolled, haha.

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