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Default Re: The Rebuilding of the Kings

I agree that we need a PG and BIG man. With the amount of cap room we could try and fill at least one of these positions in freeagency. but there are 2 guys that i like.

Derrick Favors, or Cousins. Some people are worried about cousins but this guy has the tools and size to be THE next dominant big man. I like favors as well but he is really anothe PF not a center. and i think we have 4 or 5 different guys on the team right now that can play the PF spot(landry, Thompson, Greene, Hawes, May). We are in much more need of a true 5. Could cousins be a bust? maybe. But he could be a 290 lbs beast of a center.

for the PG spot we will probably just wait until our second round pick. I dont see any reason for them to try and move up to get a PG at this point. For this pick i like Eric Bledsoe. I think this kid took a position at 2 guard because john wall was abeast and i dont know if he could challenge him. I see pure point guard all over this guy. also making the transition to the nba for him and cousins easier since there both from the same college team.

If these 2 guys fall our way i would be very happy with our draft. but neither one will have the instant impact that a good veteran would.
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